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I Never Rant But this makes me fucking pissed!!

I never post personal things here on tumblr just because for me thats not really what it’s about, but I have been so angry about this one thing and I just though tumblr would be a great place to spill my guts out. I’m sure many of you have seen the trailers and advertisements for Steven Spielberg’s new TV show “The Red Band Society”.

I’m not sure how many of you have ever stayed at a hospital, actually stayed, or ever had a serious illness that required a hospital, but I you haven’t then you couldn’t imagine how fucking far from any kind of truth that tv show is! I know I get it it’s a tv show big whoop, but the thing is, it is so so sooo far away from the truth that I can’t even give the guy the slip for it being “just a tv show”, and “its not actually real”. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS SO FUCKING WRONG.

First off, when you are at a hospital, for every different problem, there is a section in the building (i.e. neurology, endocrinology, cancer, diabetes, NICU, ICU, etc, etc), so it is impossible that all of this random kids with all of these random and very different medical problems just happen to all live next door to each other. They would all be on different levels and in different wings, and would never meet each other. It would be nearly damn impossible in real life.

Also, those rooms are a fucking joke. They are NOTHING like in real life. Lots of kids stay in rooms that are have the size shown in the tv show and live by themselves. They do not have their little decorations everywhere or the walls painted, and they do not let you move practically half your house into you room. There is  medical equipment everywhere and monitors too, and often times a shit ton of extra equipment somewhere in the room that takes up a ton of space in case of the need of an emergency operation in a patients room. If you are so unlucky as to share a room with another, you aren’t matched together based on some personality test or if you are the same age. if there is a bed they will put whatever kid in the department needs it. and most likely if you are in those two people rooms, you and your roommate won’t be in the hospital much longer. They also have curtains that divide the room in half and basically are always closed so you can have privacy. Also what the would you talk about? Oh hey hi I’m jimmy i just caught my leg removed because of a tumorous growth hows your day going? not the happiest conversations. and also since you aren’t going to be staying that long in a two person room you can’t fucking decorate it! And once again they are not that big with beautiful windows overlooking a great view. you are lucky if you get a window, let alone can see through it. Secondly, you cannot trampse around in your own clothes. they do not let you pack your whole wardrobe and store it in your room. you are pretty much stuck in a hospital gown for a loooooong time. Its also pretty damn hard and painful to try and remove a hospital gown and put on night clothes when you have a heart monitor, a pulse monitor on your thumb, three needles in you right hand for drawing blood, two emergency blood needles, another needle where you bend your arm for more tests, and those arm band blood pressure things which i am currently blanking the name on, and a goddamn motherfucking catheter stuck up in you, and tubes jammed down your nasal cavity. let a lone when you are forced on bed rest for almost a week, its pretty fucking hard to get up and change after a week of literally not using your legs…you lose a lot of muscle and it makes it harder to do things.

Another thing is, there is security everywhere, and nurses are up on you watching everything and everyone. not in a bad way but there are just a lot of them everywhere. if you suddenly decide to run around down the hall and do your own thing and be free that would not fly. with anyone. and you would be caught before you could make it to the end of the hallway. which also means that no, teenage patients do not smoke weed and drink alcohol in the teen room. they wouldn’t even be able to get it through front desk security, and people would smell it in an instant if you smoked, and they would be able to tell from many different test results if you had been smoking or drinking. there is also no way in hell that those kids would be drinking because a lot of times medication or medical treatments can go seriously wrong if alcohol is consumed while on the medication. no one would be idiot enough to fuck up their chance to be healthy and live for a swig of champagne

Accordingly, theres no fucking way in hell that you could have your cute little club meetings on the rooftop of the fucking building. the roof is where the fucking helicopters land and if you were up there you could get seriously injured or worse, and there would be no fucking way anyone would let you up there. generally the access to the roof is for employees only and mainly for emergency services because that is why the helicopters are most often used (for transporting emergency patients). And how would they be able to drag two couches up there and not get caught. NONE OF THIS SHOW MAKES ANY GODDAMN SENSE.

And what makes it worse is that they are making illnesses and sickness entertainment for the “normal” people at home who have never step foot in a hospital, using kids’ pain and heartbreaking struggles as entertainment, reducing the reality of sickness to a mere fairytale, and once again enforcing the idea that “oh it will never happen to me”, and that in the end its all fun and games because we all get to smoke pot and drink booze, and we all live happily at the end. fucking bullshit.

and worst of all they are glamorizing health issues to the public and to teens and children. “oh cancer isn’t that bad he’s happy and he can just party whenever he wants and skip school and just have fun and make out with hot chicks and eat whatever he wants whenever he wants” ,”oh mommy can i have cancer it looks so easy and like so much fun!” or people will completely disregard health issues in total (“oh that kid on the tv show he had cancer or blah blah blah and he was hardly even sick and he was so happy blah blah blah kids these days are just being so dramatic!”)

yes life doesn’t stop when you get to the hospital, but it sure as hell doesn’t pick up once you become a patient. and thats one of the most tragic parts of being a patient. all that time left sitting quietly in your hospital bed all alone, life is moving on. friends going out, memories being made, slowly being forgotten by your friends and unintentionally being kicked out of your “group”.

while i appreciate spielberg’s effort to make a heart warming and uplifting hospital show, id rather he do it in a way that is truthful and factual and show what really happens in hospitals, and not the happy little wonderland of a hospital that he has created. it would be great if he showcased the true pain and fear and loneliness that each patient faces, and heartbreaks that families must face, and the reality of what truly happens at a hospital.

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